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informations et photos sur la famille Ovadia
Posté par: movadia (IP enregistré)
Date: 08 octobre 2010 a 06:06

Hello everyone!
I am looking for "any information and pictures of my father's family, Ovadia, Who Lived for Many Years in Tangiers. My grandfather's name WAS Mayer Ovadia, His Brothers Were, Levy, Jacob and Simon. He Was Married to Anna. His Children, Robert, Armand (my father born 1937), Gilbert, Andre, and Daniel. My father Armand Ovadia, Was Married to my mother Esther Benayon. My father just Passed away this year in February 14, 2010. I would love to Have Communication With Anyone Who Knew My Father (My Father Was Born in Meknes) and "any history of family members and of course of my mother too. Her father Benayon WAS Jacob, married to Simitis (family name unknown). My mother has 8 siblings, David, Momy, Rachel, Mercedes, Elize, Suzie, Gaby and Miriam. If anyone knows gold Knew Them, In Particular The Ovadia family, I would appreciate it if you could "touch me With Any information and pictures you have.I thank you all for your care of this matter.

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